Does Fiction Give Us Unrealistic Expectations?

8 thoughts on “Does Fiction Give Us Unrealistic Expectations?”

  1. Excellent and well-thought-out post, Olivia! I find that more often than not, fiction does open my eyes to truth. I think it tended to sugarcoat reality more when I was a child . . . I remember being upset over the fact that I didn’t have a best friend living next door like so many books talked about, and it took me some time to come to grips with the idea that friendship is not dependent on distance. (And that the types of friendships involving charm bracelets and pacts and secret passwords aren’t the norm. XD)

    These days, I find fiction one of the best lenses through which to view life. Countless books have provided me with aha moments, leading me to deeper truths about God, people, myself, the world, etc.

    (You have a fabulous vocabulary, by the way. Just had to mention it!)

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    1. A number of books did me harm as a child, less because of materialistic romanticization (in some ways my childhood actually was like a storybook) than characters whose influence made my young life far more miserable than it had to be, and in some cases emphasizing the wrong things. But of course I also encountered books that had a positive impact and helped to combat those issues.

      Those are the best kinds of books, I think—the ones that make you go, “Oh, I hadn’t thought of it that way…” and then as you go on your way you continue to look at things a little (or sometimes a lot) differently.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts! (And you’re good with words yourself. :3)


  2. Great post, Olivia! I totally agree. I think many books have opened my eyes to realities such as mental illnesses and the concept of death. It’s hard to grasp those things unless you’re in the mind of someone experiencing them even if it is fictional.

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    1. That’s the great thing about fiction—it enables you to experience in a sense things that can’t be understood any other way, which helps us both to make sense of the world for our own sakes and empathize with others who have undergone trials we haven’t. It’s capable of opening our eyes to things like death and mental illness, and, if well executed, even the things which transcend them.

      Thanks for the comment. I enjoyed your thoughts!

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