What Is Fiction For?

6 thoughts on “What Is Fiction For?”

  1. Beautiful post, Olivia. ^^This is Victoria from FCWC. Also I’d love to follow your blog, but I don’t see a way to. Have you heard of Blog Lovin’? I look forward to new posts! Welcome to the blogosphere!


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    1. Thanks for stopping by, Victoria! If you take a look at the menu beneath the banner, you’ll find an ellipsis which will pull up a menu from which you can follow by email. (It’s a bit inconspicuous, which is my main quibble with this theme.) I’m just beginning to fiddle around with Blog Lovin’. It looks useful.


      1. Ah. XD That’s hard to find. You’ll want to make it a bit more noticeable. I wouldn’t have found it otherwise. Blog Lovin’ is great. I get most of my followers from there. ^ ^

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  2. Hey there! This post was beautiful (so is your blog), and I loved the references to other articles. I am incredibly interested in that kind of stuff, so thanks! Welcome to blogging. 🙂


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